+ Incentivio

Integrate with Otter to bridge the gap between first-party and third-party ordering!

Bridge the gap between first-party and third-party ordering!

Manage Delivery from One Tablet

Save on hardware costs and aggregate your orders across all delivery services including Incentivio into one feed & printer. You can see holistic performance data in one place.


Send Orders Straight to Your POS

The integration between Incentivio and Otter connects your online orders to your POS increasing order accuracy, increasing sales, and decreasing missed orders.


Synchronized Menus

Don’t build your menu twice! Through Otter, we sync with all digital menus. We are the only D2C partner with automated menu synch with Otter!


Data in a Single Dashboard

All completed orders and guest data are submitted back to Otter. Our integration supports multiple virtual brands & payment processors through a single platform. You can also view all first and third-party data within a single dashboard!


Leverage the power of Incentivio and Otter's seamless integration today!