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Who is Qu?

Qu is the restaurant technology company evolving POS, responsibly, for a more sustainable future. 

With the industry’s first unified commerce platform, Qu’s fully integrated products go beyond fragmented ordering channels and tech experiences to create healthier connections for restaurant operating teams and their many stakeholders. 

Focused on enterprise quick service (QSR) and fast-casual chains, Qu’s mission is to infuse speed, agility, and innovation into restaurant chains, enabling operators to seize new opportunities and improve profit margins - one order at a time. 

Above all else, Qu prides itself on responsible partnerships rooted in financial and moral stewardship for the restaurant industry.


Qu is the restaurant industry’s leading digital-first platform. Designed from the cloud down to the POS, we simplify the complex multi-channel, multi-brand, menu ecosystem with a modern, intuitive platform that delivers data-rich experiences. Now, you can serve all your people better: operators, franchisees, employees, and guests.

Qu Beyond POS profile image for Incentivio integration.



Qu’s in-store and digital ordering solutions are fully integrated with the industry’s leading restaurant technology platform. Powered by single menu management and unified data, today’s modern enterprise restaurant brands harness our ordering solutions to drive consistency and growth across all channels.

Get orders in and out quickly and accurately, with POS technology for today’s connected restaurants that gets rave reviews from staff, guests, and franchisees.

Qu ordering types on Incentivio integration.



Quickly get your food to where it needs to go, no matter where it’s going. Qu’s kitchen and order fulfillment technology is purpose-built to handle the heat and pace of today’s hectic, busy restaurant kitchens.

Qu kitchen and order fulfillment for POS. Integration with Incentivio.

Drive repeat business and break new ground with production technology and workflows that will make your kitchen the star of the show.


Take back control of your guest journey

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