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Shipday provides an all-in-one delivery system that helps you run deliveries automatically with your own drivers.

What is Shipday?

Shipday helps restaurants streamline the delivery process with ease! It's an all-in-1 solution that lets you manage everything from in-house drivers to 3rd party services, or go hybrid and do both. Get your deliveries organized today - no stress necessary!

Powered by smart automation, real-time location tracking, and SMS notifications, Shipday helps thousands of businesses globally save time and money while delighting customers.

Manage all your deliveries and drivers from one Dashboard

Live tracking on Google Maps makes it easy for everyone— you, your driver, and the customer— to see exactly where the delivery is, and when it will reach its destination.

Shipday manage your deliveries

Mobile App for in-house delivery drivers

With our Mobile App, your delivery drivers can make quick and efficient deliveries with all the info they need at their fingertips! Finding a destination is easy - no matter if it's Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze – just one click takes them to where they're going. 

Plus customers will always know when to expect their packages thanks to live delivery tracking giving an up-to-minute ETA.

Delight customers with real-time tracking

Once they place an order, your customers will receive a real-time tracking link via text message with an up-to-the-minute ETA as well as the live location of their courier.

shipday track food delivery order

Set up automated 3rd party delivery services

When you use 3rd party delivery from Shipday, delivery couriers from 3rd party delivery services (DoorDash, Uber, Lyft, Relay) get automatically dispatched to your location to deliver your direct online orders. 

Now you can build relationships with customers by having them order directly from you instead of a marketplace or delivery app.

Track 3rd party delivery drivers in real-time on the map:

Shipday track your food delivery orders in real-time

Hybrid delivery  (In-house + 3rd party delivery overflow)

Get the best of both worlds with Hybrid Delivery! Easily leverage in-house drivers and third party delivery services to lighten your load. You can even control automation rules for smooth orchestration - no hassle or stress needed.

Check out Shipday for more details.