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Your Restaurant, Your Payment Processors, Your Way

Welcome to a world of payment flexibility and control! Incentivio's integration with Spreedly empowers your restaurant to connect seamlessly with multiple payment processors, tailored to your unique preferences. Spreedly has connectivity to 120+ payment processors all over the world making it easier for restaurants to directly connect with any payment processor. Discover how this integration can enhance your restaurant's payment operations and elevate customer satisfaction.

Freedom of Choice

With Incentivio's integration with Spreedly, you have the power to choose your preferred payment processors. Whether it's WorldPay, Stripe, or other options, you can seamlessly connect to the payment processor of your choice from a single platform.

Seamless Transitions

Switching between payment processors has never been easier. With Spreedly's tokenization technology, you can seamlessly transition between processors without disrupting your business operations, ensuring a smooth customer experience. Incentivio will help you in this process and work in the background to ensure your newly chosen payment processor works seamlessly!

Take back control of your guest journey

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