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The Uber and Incentivio Partnership

With this integration, Uber will provide delivery drivers to restaurants using Incentivio’s order-ahead solutions. Restaurant guests can order delivery directly from a restaurant’s website or mobile app, and the Incentivio platform seamlessly dispatches an Uber driver for the delivery. The flat delivery fee also means that restaurants are able to maintain margins while maintaining brand loyalty.

Restaurants are charged a flat fee per delivery order rather than a percentage of the cost of the order. This allows restaurants to control their margins and even split the fee between the restaurant and the guest. Restaurants can also set a minimum spend for their customers to be eligible for delivery.

Learn more about our partnership here.

Own Your Delivery Service Channel and Guest Data

When guests order through third-party delivery sites, they are ordering from a marketplace and are customers of that third-party site. With Incentivio, your guests interact with your brand directly. You control the look and feel of the ordering experience, in a fully branded mobile app or online ordering environment while maintaining guest data to create loyal customers and repeat visits!

Due Cucina Italiana Delivery


No More Commission Fees

On average, third-party delivery sites charge 30% or more in commissions and fees. For most restaurants, after factoring in their food and labor costs, there is a very little margin on orders placed through third-party sites. Calculate how much you’re paying in commissions.

Take back control of your guest journey

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