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Enhance your Payment Processing with Incentivio and WorldPay

Incentivio's integration with WorldPay, through Spreedly, brings you a comprehensive solution that streamlines payments, ensures security, and boosts customer satisfaction. Learn how this dynamic integration can enhance your restaurant's payment operations.

How the Incentivio and WorldPay Integration Works

Instant and Seamless Transactions

Experience a new level of simplicity in payment processing. Incentivio's integration with WorldPay enables smooth, hassle-free transactions for your restaurant via online ordering and mobile app orders.

Enhanced Security

Security is non-negotiable when it comes to payments. With the Incentivio and WorldPay integration, you're guaranteed top-tier security measures that safeguard both your business and your customers' sensitive payment data. Incentivio also provides 3DS2 security that works in the background with 95% accuracy to fight chargebacks. The ~5% of transactions that sneak through have an added layer of protection through two-factor authentication that is authenticated directly within Incentivio's app/website. You can rest easy knowing that your restaurant's reputation and your customers' trust are in good hands.

Take back control of your guest journey

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