X (formerly Twitter)

X (formerly Twitter)

 + Incentivio

The Incentivio and Twitter integration allows you to track and reward guests for Tweets about your restaurant.

Amplify your Restaurant's Reach with the Incentivio and X (formerly Twitter) Integration

Incentivio's seamless integration with Twitter (or X), empowers restaurant owners and operators like you to effortlessly track and reward guests for sharing their love for your brand!

How the Integration Works

Harness the power of Social Media

Connect with your customers where they already spend a significant amount of their time - on social media. With Incentivio's integration with Twitter, you can tap into the vast reach of this platform to promote your restaurant, engage with customers, and build a strong online presence. After all, that's where your customers look for reviews and trusted content to visit restaurants.

Real-time Guest Engagement

Instantly engage with your guests as they share their experiences on Twitter. You can monitor hashtags, mentions, and posts related to your restaurant in real time, allowing you to respond promptly and foster meaningful interactions.

Reward your Social Advocates

Show appreciation to guests who amplify your brand by tweeting about their dining experiences. With our integration, you can easily track and identify customers who mention your restaurant on Twitter. You can then reward them with special offers, discounts, or exclusive promotions, fostering loyalty and encouraging more loyal engagement.

Gain Valuable Insights

Gather valuable insights into customer sentiment and preferences by analyzing the social media conversations around your restaurant. Use these insights to tailor your offerings, enhance customer experiences, and refine your marketing strategies!