10 Ways You Can Increase Your Restaurants Delivery Sales

Discover all of the ways way to increase your restaurant delivery sales.
Amanda Hamel

The restaurant delivery business is booming, but competing with the big players can be challenging. The best way to increase your restaurant delivery sales is to keep your eyes on the prize and make sure you're doing everything in your power to get customers coming back for more. Here are 10 tips to increase your restaurant delivery sales:

1. Post Your Menu Online

The first and most important thing you can do to increase your restaurant delivery sales is to post your menu online. This is the easiest way to attract customers who are interested in ordering from you, as they can easily find out what's offered at your restaurant and make their decision whether or not they want to order from there. The information about your restaurant must be properly formatted so that people don't have any problems understanding what's available for them when they go into the site (or app).

2. Partner with a Delivery Service

If you’re looking to increase your sales, partnering with a delivery service can be an excellent way to do so. A delivery service will allow you to expand your reach and gain more customers by offering convenience and speed. Some delivery services will also provide marketing materials that highlight the products offered by their company, which can help attract new customers who may have never heard of your restaurant before.

While there are many costs associated with partnering with a delivery service, they typically come out much lower than hiring employees or buying the equipment needed for deliveries yourself. In addition, this type of business model has been shown time after time again as being highly profitable over its lifetime!

Our platform is integrated with DoorDash Drive and Uber to provide your restaurant guests with a seamless experience. This eliminates the need for restaurants to hire drivers, insure them, manage them or procure fleet management software! Now, your guests will be able to order through your website or mobile app without all of the added commission fees and delivery fees third-party delivery sites charge. This also means you control the guest experience just as you would in-store and you automatically collect valuable customer data that you can then leverage to engage your guests far beyond your four walls.

3. Offer Upsells

Just like how servers upsell to guests dining in, your delivery service can intelligently upsell to guests ordering delivery as well! Upselling is simply persuading customers to buy more than they came in for. This can be done in a variety of ways. It is an easy and effective way to increase sales and make more money for your business!

Make sure your restaurant has an online ordering system that can intelligently upsell additional food items during guest checkout based on guest preferences and past purchases by other guests. That way you aren't just throwing random items at them—you're getting them what they want! Our recommendations engine applies machine learning to autonomously suggest upsells and cross-sells as guests checkout via your restaurant app or branded web ordering. This will also help reduce friction during checkout while maximizing results!

4. Get a Better POS System

You can save a lot of time and money by getting a POS system that is easy to use. Using a POS system that integrates seamlessly with the rest of your restaurant software is essential. It should be compatible with your delivery service, so you don't have to spend extra money on hardware or software licenses. The product needs to be easy for staff members who are unfamiliar with the system, and it needs to be able to handle the volume of orders you receive for them not only to understand how it works but also to feel comfortable using it as well.

5. Plan a Marketing Campaign

A good way to attract new customers and increase delivery sales is by offering guests a discount on their first delivery order. You can also run special promotions in addition to the regular menu, like discounts for those who order delivery during lunch hours or after 10 pm. Additionally, you must promote your restaurant delivery service through social media channels so that more people know about it!

6. Embrace Social Media

Social media is a great way to promote your restaurant. It's also an excellent place for you to connect with customers, share specials and even post about delivery services if you're offering them. With more than 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a great way to connect with potential customers. You can use Facebook to share deals and promotions, post photos of your food, or even create a page where people can leave reviews. If you’re looking for a way to increase your restaurant delivery sales, this is the way to do it!

7. Reward Loyalty and Repeat Customers

Rewarding loyalty is a proven way to increase restaurant sales. If you have loyal customers, it's important to show them you care by rewarding them for their loyalty. You can do this by offering gift cards or other rewards for repeat business, such as a free dessert for every 10th delivery order or a discount on future deliveries.

One way to increase your restaurant delivery sales is by offering free delivery for repeat customers so that they'll keep coming back again and again! This tactic may not work immediately, but if managed correctly over time (and with some creativity), it can lead to increased revenue from deliveries alone.

8. Update Your Specials Regularly

You should update your specials regularly so that they’re relevant to your customers and easy to order. If you don’t do this regularly, then it could be seen as an inconvenience or even a scam.

The best time to refresh your menu is when there are new products available or existing items have become outdated in popularity or cost. You don't want the customer ordering something that's no longer available at all—that would make them feel like they didn't get what was promised! Make sure the new item is affordable and simple enough for anyone who doesn't know about your restaurant delivery services.

9. Use Mobile Payments and Ordering

Mobile payments and mobile ordering are two of the best ways to increase your restaurant's delivery sales. Customers can pay with their phones, which means they don't have to wait in line or go into the restaurant at all. They also get their food faster because they're ordering from their phone instead of having it brought out by wait staff. If you want more customers who will order from your restaurant, try adding a mobile payment system or offering delivery orders as an option for your menu items!

10. Promote Your Delivery on Google My Business

If you're not using Google My Business, this is the time to do it. It's a free service that allows customers and potential customers to learn about your business in an easy-to-access way.

To claim your listing, just head over to https://www.google.com/business/, click on "Manage Now" enter in your information (name, address, and phone number), then click "Claim Now." Once you've claimed it, all of those who search for restaurants near me will see yours listed first!

You can also add photos to help drive more traffic from people who visit from Facebook or Twitter; just upload them from there again too!

We hope that these tips have given you some ideas on how to increase your restaurant delivery sales. Hopefully, one of them will work for your business and give it a boost!