How 2022 Changed The Restaurant Industry Forever

How did 2022 change the restaurant industry? And how will that impact the way we do business in 2023? Find out here.
Amanda Hamel

The last couple of years have been tough for restaurant owners across the country. Restaurant closures, layoffs, and more are all too common these days, but there's good news: it's not a trend that will continue indefinitely. 2023 looks to be much better than what we saw in 2022—and here are five reasons why:

There is still space for growth in the industry.

The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the recession. Since then, it's been growing slowly and steadily—and it's still recovering from that rough patch. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to start your own business! The good news is that the restaurant industry is doing better than ever! Many experts expect the number of new restaurants opening in 2023 will be the highest we’ve seen.

Restaurant operators are devoting more attention to technology.

Technology is being used to improve the customer experience in a variety of ways. Restaurant operators are using technology to enhance their customer experience. 

For example, they might use technology to make ordering more convenient or help customers find what they're looking for in a menu. This can be done through digital menus that allow diners to order ahead and have their food ready when they arrive (or even before), or apps that provide real-time updates about how much time remains until your meal arrives at your table so you know how long it will take before your food arrives with no need for guesswork!

Technology is also being used to improve the restaurant's bottom line. To do this, we've seen some restaurants offering discounts when ordering directly from them rather than going through third-party platforms. Also, restaurants have been focusing on improving their brand awareness by implementing that into their website, mobile app, and social media accounts.  

Expectations for guest appreciation have shifted significantly.

In the restaurant industry, guest appreciation is a key factor that can help you to increase your bottom line. Every business owner needs to understand how they can best provide their guests with the kind of experience they want and deserve. Some of the things you should consider are:

  • Guest loyalty – You need to keep your customers coming back again and again. You also want them willing to spend more than once at each visit if possible!
  • Feedback – If a customer has negative or positive feedback about your establishment, it will help other potential guests make an informed decision before choosing where to eat out next time.

Loyalty is here to stay and it is more important than ever.

In the restaurant industry, retaining guests is critical. On average it costs a business 5x more to acquire new customers than it does to keep existing ones. Implementing a strategy to incentivize current customers into returning time after time will help boost your restaurant’s revenue! Loyalty programs are a simple and effective way to encourage repeat guests and increase your restaurant's overall customer retention rate.

Now, loyalty programs are more important than ever to help restaurants attract new guests and keep existing ones happy. Loyalty programs allow customers to reward the restaurant for their patronage, which increases overall satisfaction and makes it easier for the business owner to achieve their goals.

More people have become accustomed to the idea of finding someone else to do their cooking for them.

The change in behavior caused by the pandemic has driven home the fact that people don't want to cook anymore. They are used to having someone else do it for them, and they have grown comfortable with this lifestyle. It's not just that they don't want to be bothered—they've gotten so used to being at home all day long, eating takeout or ordering in from their favorite restaurants, that cooking doesn't seem like an option at all anymore!

People have grown comfortable with the convenience of having their food delivered right to their homes.

As people have experienced the convenience of having their food delivered to their homes without ever having to leave the house, they have grown comfortable with it. And as businesses continue to embrace this trend, we will see more restaurants offering delivery services as a way for customers to enjoy their meals on the go.

The year 2022 truly changed the restaurant industry and we will continue to see these changes in the coming years. These changes may be seen as daunting at first, but if you buckle up real tight you’ll enjoy the ride!