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Posts by Trace Mannewitz

Currently trapped in the Incentivio basement, Trace was promised freedom if he wrote 100 pieces for their website. He's excited to work towards his goal, and Incentivio is excited that he never learned to count. With nearly 8 years of experience in hospitality startups and small businesses, Trace is excited to help restaurants reach their goals and experience tremendous growth.

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The Effect Of Seasonal Trends on Your Menu

Explore how seasonal trends can elevate your restaurant's menu offerings, increase customer engagement, and drive loyalty through strategic marketing and seasonal promotions.

Avoiding Common Restaurant Marketing Mistakes

Learn how to avoid common restaurant marketing mistakes and elevate your strategy with actionable solutions. Enhance your brand, engage customers, and boost profitability.

How Does Losing TikTok Affect Restaurant Marketing

Discover how the potential TikTok ban could impact restaurant marketing strategies, urging businesses to innovate, diversify, and adapt to a new digital landscape.

Unlocking the Power of Your Data to Transform Guest Experience

Unlock the power of customer data to enhance guest experiences in hospitality and retail. Learn how to collect, analyze, and leverage data for personalized marketing strategies and improved customer engagement.

Making Data Your Difference Maker

Discover how data-driven strategies are transforming the restaurant industry, from menu design to customer engagement. Learn how AI and ML are revolutionizing data processing for success in the modern era.

How Technology is Lowering the Operational Costs of Restaurants

Discover how technology is revolutionizing the restaurant industry, lowering operational costs through data analytics, sustainability initiatives, online presence, payment innovations, and automation.

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