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Best Features To Include On Your Restaurant App

Let's face it. It’s 2023 and your restaurant needs its mobile app to compete in the saturated industry. Here are the best features to include.
Amanda Hamel

If you're running a restaurant, then it's no surprise that the number-one request from customers is for a mobile app. But what exactly is the best way to create one? And how do you ensure that your app delivers results? The good news is that there are plenty of benefits to creating an app! Here are some of the best features to include on your restaurant app to ensure positive results:

Latest Offers

The latest offers section is a great way to give your customers more value for their money. It can be used for any type of offer, from discounts and promotions to special events like free meals or drink specials. This feature is a must-have for any restaurant app. Your guests will look here first for any special offers, which often will entice them to place an order. 

The best way to use this feature is by adding a special that represents the special event, such as an egg-themed breakfast item for Easter or a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's Day. Then add some text about what you're offering and when it ends. You can also include links where users can learn more about upcoming events at your restaurant!

Order Customization 

With a restaurant app, you’ll want to offer order customization so customers can customize their orders without any extra hassle. This is also efficient for your staff because they won’t have to take any custom orders and there will be less room for error. Having this feature on your restaurant app also makes it easier for guests to reorder! You can include a “favorites” tab where guests can save their customized orders for a smooth online ordering process next time (and every time after that)!

Guests will be able to order food online, customize it to their liking, and pay for it through the app, which means they don't have to wait in line at the register or go outside where it's cold. And if you're hosting an event with multiple people, this is also a great way to avoid having them all waiting around while someone else orders their food! 

So what are some other benefits? Well…


The menu is the most important part of your app. You can list all of your food and drink options, including prices. As a restaurant owner, you know what kind of food you serve and how it tastes, but customers might not know anything about it unless they've tried it before coming into your establishment.

The best feature of any restaurant app is ensuring people know about everything available at their favorite eatery! This includes things like specials or any new items being added to their menu. Having a mobile app that sends your guests notifications about new offers will help boost the excitement for the launch. This paired with your restaurant’s social media will be a game changer!


The reservation feature is an excellent way to increase your customer base. It's also a great way to increase customer loyalty and retention rate, as well as customer satisfaction. Having a spot on your app for guests to set up a reservation is both beneficial for you and your guests! It removes the hassle from your restaurant host and encourages guests to download your restaurant app! This feature also provides a convenient experience for your guests! It's a win-win!

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are another great feature to include on your restaurant app. Customers love the idea of being rewarded with discounts, free food or drinks, and other perks for their loyalty. Customers will be more likely to return if they know that you're offering something special for staying in touch with them. You can use this information about what customers like when deciding how often and how much you should reward them for their purchases.

Using loyalty points to track customer behavior is also very useful because it allows restaurant owners to see how often specific foods are ordered or services requested by different people throughout the day—and then tailor promotions accordingly! For example: if most people order lunch during work hours but then go out after work instead (or vice versa), then maybe there's an opportunity here!


Feedback Form

The best way to get honest guest feedback is by using an app. It’s easier for customers to leave feedback when they’re in the moment, rather than trying to remember it later on. This can also help you identify trends with your service. Including a survey on your app is a great way for customers to offer feedback about their experience at your restaurant. You can use this information to improve your service, which will ultimately help increase customer satisfaction. 

Here are a couple of ways to collect feedback:

  • Feedback Form: A customer can give feedback about their experience openly, and you can use that information to improve your restaurant. This can also be used to improve both the app and customer experience, so it’s a great idea!
  • Feedback Survey: This is a more structured feedback form that asks guests specific questions about their experience with your restaurant. This is where you can obtain information on many different aspects of your restaurant.
  • Restaurant Review: Customers will have an opportunity to rate their visit with you on Google Play or App Store (or anywhere else). This is another great way for customers to give feedback before they leave the restaurant.

A restaurant app will change your business!

Having a restaurant app will change your business. Not just because it improves service and gives your customers the ability to order online and reserve a table, but it also helps you understand customer behavior and preferences.

You might not be familiar with the term "customer loyalty," but it's an important concept in business. Customer loyalty is defined as the desire to continue doing business with a particular brand or product, and it can have a huge impact on your bottom line. One of the ways you can create customer loyalty is by providing excellent service to your customers. Your restaurant app will help you understand what customers want and how they feel about their experience at your restaurant so that you can provide them with better service in the future. By understanding what makes people happy at restaurants, you'll be able to give them exactly what they want. Great food!

A restaurant app is a great tool for any business. It lets you customize your menu, order food and drinks online, and track customer data. The best part about it is that you’ll be able to connect with your guests unlike ever before!