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Four Partners Named America’s Hottest Startup Fast Casual Restaurants!

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The digital transformation the restaurant industry is experiencing allows guests to access food conveniently and easily in innovative ways. Fast-casual and quick-service restaurants are capitalizing on this digital revolution by adopting restaurant technology and innovative solutions to stay connected with guests.
Due to this, we are excited to share that FOUR of our restaurant partners have been named America’s Hottest Startup Fast Casuals in QSR Magazine's 40/40 List for 2022!
Due' Cucina Italiana, The Works Café, Miller’s Famous Sandwiches, and Bread Zeppelin have adopted creative strategies using restaurant tech to transform their brand. With Incentivio, they have driven incremental digital revenue to thrive in the most dynamic restaurant environment and be recognized as the next big brand!
Bread Zeppelin
Bread Zeppelin
Bread Zeppelin launched its digital experience in 2020 and has more than tripled its digital orders which represent more than 40% of sales. Vincent Ginatta, Vice President of Franchising at Bread Zeppelin, believes restaurant tech played a role in the brand’s growth.
“Given our growth ambitions, we knew having a branded app that combined a great ordering experience, ability to offer delivery, and loyalty & marketing functionality needed to be a priority for our brand. We expected a full feature branded app would either come with an enormous price tag or come with functionality compromises that we would need to design around. Incentivio really surprised us on both fronts. The quality of user experience matches that of our established peers, at a small fraction of the cost. With deep integration to our POS, the implementation process was little more than choosing pictures and graphics, and the whole process paid for itself within a few weeks of being live,” said Ginatta.
The Works Café
Works Cafe-1
The Works Café, led by founder Richard French. has been operating for 30+ years serving wholesome food by partnering with local farms and sustainably-minded producers. Our partnership has allowed their brand to enter a new restaurant dynamic by providing an all-in-one digital intelligent guest engagement solution.
“Incentivio produced a well-designed online ordering system and app for us that compared to their competitors, is intuitive, user-friendly, and adaptable to personalized branding. Incentivio has continued to go above and beyond with phenomenal and responsive customer service and support teams which have provided us with easily accessible educational resources and support. Their timely responses and one-on-one meetings have been informative and vital to our growth within their platform. Incentivio’s innovation can be seen through their many advanced technologies such as A.I. capabilities, V2 design, the “I’m here” feature for customers, among others. We are extremely thankful for Incentivio and their resources because they helped catapult us through the global pandemic, leading to a significant portion of our sales. Thank you, Incentivio!”
Due' Cucina Italiana
Due Roosevelt
Due’ Cucina Italiana emerged in the restaurant scene four years ago in Seattle and has seen rapid growth since. The brand’s mission is to provide authentic Italian cuisine at an affordable cost and accessible to all. With restaurant tech Due’ Cucina Italiana was able to scale digital revenue and open more locations during the pandemic. Davide Macchi, co-founder, and CEO provided insight on using restaurant tech.
“Incentivio provided us with an incredibly well-rounded CRM suite that proved to be invaluable to navigate the most critical times in the pandemic. There are a lot of online ordering tools on the market, but they often provide very narrow solutions that focus exclusively on online ordering. Incentivio is different: rather than being an online ordering tool, it is a complete CRM suite that also includes top-notch online ordering and loyalty capabilities. As a growing brand that heavily invests in technology and operational excellence to provide a superior experience both on-premise and online, Incentivio is a key strategic partner for growth, and we look forward to double-down on this relationship even more as we roll out more locations.”
Miller's Famous Sandwiches
Miller’s Famous Sandwiches has been operating for nearly 50 years, facing many economical challenges and COVID-19 being another obstacle. With intelligent guest engagement restaurant software, the brand had higher sales during the pandemic than the previous year.
Congratulations! We are proud to be serving brands throughout their restaurant journey!


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