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Posts in Restaurant News

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Restaurant Industry

With artificial intelligence, restaurants can increase revenue and guest retention with machine learning features like upselling recommendations and customer data analysis!

How do I Combat Labor Shortage in my Restaurant?

The labor shortage has become a massive problem for the restaurant industry. Keep reading to learn how to combat short staffing in your restaurant!

33 Restaurant Industry Statistics and Trends in 2022

We've compiled a list of 33 restaurant industry statistics and trends from reports, studies, and articles that cover the restaurant industry for 2022!

QSR and Fast Casual Restaurants’ Enter a New Digital Age

An entire ecosystem of POS systems, aggregators, restaurant engagement platforms, and more exist to offer advanced features to meet guests’ digital needs.

How to Strategize Restaurant Menu Pricing and Combat Inflation

Understand the best methods for strategizing your restaurant menu pricing amid a range of inflationary pressures, labor shortage and supply chain issues!

How Starbucks Workers Unionizing Can Affect QSR Brands

Starbucks workers forming a union is a historic moment that might create a shift and have a lasting impact on the quick-service restaurant industry.

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